Friday 28 February 2020
March 10, 2020

Stephen Ellis


We welcome back the poignant, beautiful yet oh so angry songwriting talent that is Stephen Ellis with a new collection of tracks from his recent EP covering love lost, demons gained and a highly apt-for-our times ‘song about the end of the world’. It’s melody for the masses, folks, and we love him.

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“Rock”… a bit punky, a bit folksy, soulful, eclectic… we know lead singer Ian Nance from yesteryear and he’s immensely talented so we’re looking forward to seeing what this master of melody is up to with his new band KoOT these days.

Adventures of Salvador

Adventures of Salvador

The weird, the wonderful, the funky and somewhat unhinged…. Adventures of Salvador! Four unique individuals who meld years of musical experience and taste. Variously described as “urban surf”, “progsurfabilly” and the “oldest new sound around” their sound is as unique as they are. And includes theramin!

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Robert Steventon


Well known North West poet, Robert Steventon hosts the popular and diverse Manchester open mic night, Punk in Drublic. His is a voice that mixes an observant humour with a sardonic and at times cutting wit, with a clear social conscience and heart.