Friday 23 March 2023
October 4, 2023

Blue Java

Mellow, left-field groovers, Blue Java are up and a coming atcha! Original stuff inspired, apparently, by the desire to move. We like that. Think Belle and Sebastian meets Johnathan Richman. No ‘find out more’ links as they are literally hot off the press. Catch them first at the La!


Yes. The sponge puppet is back. The filthiest, unlikeliest but funniest puppet show in history returns with more whimsical nonsense and crazy characters to make us howl, blush and sing along. Everyone loves Pico – find out what the fuss is all about.

James Holt

Now this guy is goooood, really good. “With an arresting voice that is reminiscent of John Lennon or early Bob Dylan, wily lyrics and an upbeat weave of rock, prog and blues, it’s obvious to see why his remarkable music is turning heads” – or so says the MEN. Don’t believe them – or us. Just check out this video. We challenge you not to tap your toes after 30 seconds in. Go on, try….