Friday 23 November 2018
December 10, 2018


We welcome back the uber talented Mano McLaughlin playing tracks from his second sold album Then Lightning. His songs are timeless and weave bitter-sweet pop and folk melodies with lush harmonies. Using intimate home recordings as a foundation, Mano is joined by drummer and producer Tim Thomas and bass player Gary Hadfield to add lush harmonies alongside banjo, clarinet, harmonica, omnichord and mellotron.

This is music full of warmth, wit, and humanity, produced with unassuming subtlety and charm.

Toria Wooff


Toria Wooff stands in the crossfires of gothic literature and pained americana. Telling tales of love and malevolence, her delicate spider-finger guitar and haunting vocals shine amongst a storytelling far beyond her years. ‘Brilliantly crafted, unique, vintage folk ballads.’

Stephen Ellis


Stephen pens tunes filled with melody and melancholy… a dash of humour, a hit of self-derision, but mostly, heart. His lyrics muse on life lessons, love lost and middle aged angst. In a world awash with male-singer-songwriter-piano-players, he doesn’t lay claim to uniqueness (think Gary Barlow meets Elton John in a dark space and a bad mood). But the voice is dirt wrapped in velvet, and the songs, well, we defy you not to be humming them at the bar later.

Thick Richard


Thick Richard has been pedalling his potty-mouthed poems at festivals and clubs up and down the land for the last 16 years. His cynical, lyrical, jet-black humour, intelligent wordplay, well-crafted verse, and occasionally acerbic, well-targeted comic attacks have earned him much respect from artists and audiences from Edinburgh to Glastonbury. We love him!