Friday 26 January 2018
February 5, 2018


Lo fi, new folk singer songwriter. Subversive and searching, Phil is an unlikely but brilliant raconteur. A prolific performer and songwriter, his one-man show is properly crafted, blending light and shade cleverly and balancing out driving rhythms with intricate thoughtful guitar lines. One part social activist, one part proletariat father of two and another part best mate, Phil is unapologetically himself.

Check out his bouncy new single here.
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Ellaney Hayden


Ellaney. Blackpool’s answer to Eminem. Without the anger.

Witty, touching spoken word.



The mighty Antistar return to Shangri La! with a rocking new set. Antistar are a peculiar three-piece band from the primordial damp of the Irwell valley and beyond. They make music by hitting things, vibrating tuned wires and expelling air through cavities. Proud to be back in the La! lineup.