Nico and Coby
Friday 24 May 2019
June 2, 2019

Nico & Coby


We give you the stunning vocals and seminal musical skills of the Prestwich grown and stardom bound Nico & Coby. Bringing a jazz, electro, hip hop and folk style jamming session to the stage of The La, intimate cool and downright smashing.



Tearing down from Teeside, it’s Werbeniuk. Enigmatic, elusive and not easily pigeon-holed, it’s skiffle-tronica-argu-rock. It’s percussion, electronics and catchy vocals with a political conscience and a truck load of fun!

Sarah Keegan

Sarah Louise Keegan

It’s the accordion squeezing, song delivering, mirth making, lunacy of Sarah Louise Keegan. Who doesn’t get a thrill from a squeeze box eh? She’s offering a crazy mix of self penned songs, opera with a twist and an anthem for Wigan.